The Vine of the Soul


Many people on this planet are suffering from severe trauma. Most of the trauma is stored in the sub consciousness where it is laying dormant, but the pain and suffering influences your behaviour in all its aspects. The way you relate to other people, the way you relate to the Divine, and the way you relate to yourself. 

For me it is very clear that our emotional turmoil and restless thoughts are keeping us away from being In Unity-Consciousness, from being connected with our Higher Selves. Why we are being kept in these states of trauma and drama you can read in the chapters: Karmic Body Removal and False Light. But for now you should understand that in this time from Ascenscion and Awakening it is very important to clear these disturbed emotions because they keep us in the prison of the 3D reality. 

So the trauma is stored in the subconsciousness and more specific in the cellular memories. The cells in your body still carry the pain and suffering from the past trauma. In most cases demonic energies have attached themselves to the trauma, feeding themselves with the negative energy that the trauma produces and in the same time preventing you from the possibility to heal from the trauma. And this can continue for many, many years.

In the 17 years that I have been assisting in ayahuaca-ceremonies and since 2012 guiding ayahuasca ceremonies myself I have seen this happening a lot. I am liberated from Duality-Consciousness and I work in total alignment with the Source of Unity and Oneness. ( see my story in the chapter Oneness Awakening) 

Therefore I (and my co-healer Barbara) can liberate in this way a person from all types of negative attachments and demonic energies.  We are very well trained for this work and we have a lot of experience with it. 

In the past years we have seen that every human being has very dark energies in their aura (or energy-system) and this has devastating effect on a person's life. Because we are now in a time of big, big changes, the spiritual world has given me some beautiful tools to help somebody to to release all trauma in one or two times by Removal of the Karmic Body.
This is a very rare gift from Divine Source and this work can also be done without the use of ayahuasca.

After this experience you will feel born again. You will still have the remembrance of the trauma, but not the pain and the suffering.