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Who and what is behind Aga Khan?

Written by Hannah Klautz (energy-healer, researcher and journalist)

Recently on 19th of  October 2017  His Highness the Aga Khan received the UN Champion for Global Change. Why?  And who and what is behind him? 

 Our intensive research has shown that he is one of the most influential persons on this planet and that he is the negative and controlling force behind the global elite and many of our world leaders. His Highness the Aga Khan  is the physical embodiment of the Annunaki/ Reptilian King Marduk and former Egyptian Sun God Ra. In the Matrix films he is represented as the person called The Frenchman. And that is exactly the situation around Aga Khan. Nobody seems to know much about him and who and what is behind him. It is all very secret and hidden from the mainstream media. The information that I share here with you has never been made public before and can bring danger towards my life.

On 19th of  October 2017  His Highness the Aga Khan received the UN Champion for Global Change. Well, this global change will be most likely a One World Government through Total Artificial Intelligence Control or something very similar to this.

The current Aga Khan IV is a religious leader from the Nizari Imaelites, a form of Islam. His name is Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini and he is one of the most powerful and richest people in this world. He is multi-billionaire and a society play boy type of person only hanging out with the rich and famous, mainly royal European families. He is based in France where he owns a castle, always in very close contact with the royal family from Monaco.

Like all the other Reptilian bloodline families, the  present Aga Khan is from a long and royal lineage, he is extremely rich and he even has his own religion, with millions of followers, the Ismaelites who pay 15% of their income to him. On his website  you can read the following: The title of His Highness was granted by Her Majesty the Queen of England (1957) and His Royal Highness was granted by His Imperial Majesty the Shah of Iran (1959).

 Our research has shown that Aga Khan (further mentioned as .A.K.)  is the negative force behind the gobal elite, the Cabal, the military-industrial complex and behind many world leaders, controlling the presidents of China, India, North Korea, Rusland ( Poetin) and Trump (V.S) on all spiritual and mental levels. They are all part of his War Game: he constantly brings conflicts between all these men and these countries, but at the end it is A.K. who controls all of them.

The current Aga Khan is the physical embodiment of the most powerful Annunaki /Reptilian King of our planet. the same person known as Marduk or the Egyptian Sun God Ra.  This being who has a physical manifestation in the present Aga Khan, considers himself as the ONE and ONLY CREATOR of this realm. We do not believe that so much, but one thing is for sure; the world would be a much better place without him.

 According to our information the planet Earth is already for hundreds of thousands of years the playground for alien beings and dark lords from Syrius, Orion,Saturnus and many other planets. They have created the reality where we now live in but it is A VIRTUAL REALITY.

They see us as computer programs and can program us with anything they want. They have taken the place from our Higher Self by disconnecting us from our Higher Selves with technology.

Do you think you have free will????? 
 Forget all about that. We have seen that our energy system is created in such a way that no human being has free will and that everything that you experience is programmed. The chakra system is created by them, the kundalini snake on the base of the spine is an alien creation, the DNA is limited and controlled by them, the after-life and reincarnation cycle is controlled by them and more. These artificial beings (Wes Penre calls them Machines) do not have any respect for human life and consider themselves to be the gods and goddesses of our Universe. They see themselves as creator gods. But they can’t create anything ORIGINAL, but they can only create ARTEFICIAL.  Please watch my You Tube film: Hannah Klautz I am One with my Higher Self where I show with very simple drawing in 10 minutes what exactly the Phantom Self is and what the TRUE SELF is
And it were also the Annunaki/Syrian Overlords who created the Duality-Polarity Game where the whole world exists in at the moment; I explain this in more detail in my article The Duality Game. far the situation, but believe me it is possible to become liberated from the Artificial Reality, once you are fully connected with Higher Self. And we can do that for you by removing the technology that has disconnected you. We have developed very special and unusual skills to do that and we are one of the very few that has this knowledge and capacities in this moment of time  

We, me and my co-healers, have seen this virtual reality while liberating our clients from demonic attachments and extra-terrestrial possession. We do that since the year 2012 and we are guided in this by the plant-medicine ayahuasca and by our Higher Selves.  Although I have to admit that in the beginning we were also guided by False Light and I strongly believed in A.A. Michael, Christ, Mother Goddess and God, we step by step unraveled all the illusions and delusions behind all this.
We now know that ALL RELIGIONS are false and that behind all the God and Devil myths are only 3rd and 4th density Reptilians/ Machines.  

I have been severely attacked and possessed by Annunaki/Reptilians and Greys in the past years and one of my co-healers has had enormous issues with Satanic energies.
The irony is that the more you are possessed by Reptilians the more you start to understand their knowledge and secrets.  I have experienced that myself and I have also seen that in my clients. The more Reptilian energies my clients carried in their energy-system, the more knowledge they had about the virtual reality of their existence.
I have treated quite a lot of  young people in their twenties or thirties who were Reptilian hybrids (50% human and 50% Reptilian). They all had total knowledge about Reptilian existence. They had red all books of David Icke, saw hundreds of You Tube interviews about Reptilian domination, hybrids, satanic rituals etc etc.  They knew more than me and through my intense contact with them (by treating and liberating them) I also have learned so much.

And this is also the way how we received all the information about the current Aga Khan. Last year a 50 year old lady from Amsterdam sought my help for liberation. She knew that she was heavily possessed by demons and Reptilians and that was  she totally under the influence of black magic and more??  She had no energy at all and was hardly able to get out of bed. Energetically she was drained to the max. This all had started 25 years ago when she was a very pretty, blond girl who had a relationship with Ali, one of the younger brothers of the current Aga Khan, who was frequently visiting Amsterdam in that time.. Through her sexual intercourse with Ali (who probably was an Reptilian agent) , Aga Khan could possess this lady totally and used her as a womb to store capsules with his DNA.  This lady (who is afraid to have her name mentioned here)  is a tiny, small woman, but when I met her one thing was very obvious; she had an enormous belly and could hardly see her own feet. The belly was so out of proportion and she was in constant pain there. When I started to treat her, the medicine of ayahuasca and my Higher Self, showed me that this was the reason why she was so heavily possessed. A.K had found out that her DNA was very special (blond, blue eyes, very smart and intelligent) and he found her womb the perfect place to store his ( in his eyes) very precious capsules with his DNA. (We call it eggs). She had eight Reptilian generals and  many armies of Reptilian soldiers (which are machines) attached to her energy system to safe guard the presence of these capsules/eggs. 

I also saw that during night time she was abducted many times. Reptilians visited her regularly and took out some capsules and replaced them with other ones. What this lady have been going through is beyond imagination. Her house had become a portal of evil and darkness through which A.K ( in his form of the Reptilian King) could come and go into these realms. In the last year she has become one of my friends and I have regular contact with her. We have treated her a couple times (with enormous troubles and resistance from A.K.) and through her we started to find out the truth about this being  and how powerful he is.

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Written by:
Energy healer, researcher/journalist Hannah Klautz en