The Vine of the Soul
Testimonies from participants: 

Here are some testimonies from people that have participated in a individual  a group session healing with ayahuasca :

Thank you, for the fantastic individual healing. I feel much lighter and I aso sleep much better. I look forward to the group session with ayahuasca.   Y. from Belgium

Last Saturday I did a indivdidual ayahuasca healing session. It was a very uplifting experience which I will never forget.
P. from the Netherlands

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience which you gave me with the ayahuasca. I feel that my life has changed afterwards and I feel more in balance and happy. I want to book another session with you and bring a friend as well.  L. from Greece

My friend E. had recently an amazing experience with you. He feels much lighter and a lot of his pain and trauma has been gone.
I also like to book a session with you because I have a lot of emotional problems as well. V. from the Netherlands

I was possessed by a very bad energy and I had enormous problems as well physical as emotional. During a healing session this was taken out of me with the help of the Archangel Michael and I really feel the difference. The darkness has gone and I can start to heal, but I also feel that I need some more sessions with ayahuasca to heal fully.
 M. from England

After your individual session with ayahuasca everything is going really amazing. Some very big "shifts" So fascinating and positive. Notably an "expansion". I will share more at some point soon.
Thank you again. E. from Amsterdam

Je hebt mij gisteren geholpen dichter bij mijzelf te komen en ik ben nogal onder de indruk van jouw werk.  Dank je voor alles.
H. from Utrecht

Thank you very much for unforgettable experience with ayahuasca last weekend. This very successful event will forever have very deep impact on my life. A. from Poland