The Vine of the Soul
Testimonies from participants: 

Here are some testimonies from people that have participated in a individual  a group session healing with ayahuasca :

Thank you, for the fantastic individual healing. I feel much lighter and I also sleep much better. I look forward to the group session with ayahuasca.   Y. from Belgium

My friend E. had recently an amazing experience with you. He feels much lighter and a lot of his pain and trauma has been gone.
I also like to book a session with you because I have a lot of emotional problems as well. V. from the Netherlands

I want to thank you for the profound Ayahuasca group ceremony. It was very deep, powerful, pure spirit working through you that I have not yet experienced so far from somebody European! Thank you so much! I am working on the integration of my insights and experiences. Bottomline is to start a new life symbolically and psychologically and in the outside world. Thank you so much for making this possible. R. from Germany

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience which you gave me with the ayahuasca. I feel that my life has changed afterwards and I feel more in balance and happy. I want to book another session with you and bring a friend as well.  L. from Greece

My first Ayahuasca ceremonies was a weekend in England and were conducted by a person that claimed to be a shaman and maybe he was, but was clearly not cut out for the job. I left with the -perhaps misguided-  impression that I could have done a better job. The second ceremony was last year, while in Portugal and was extremely well organised and facilitated. However the  Chacruna brew was a little weak. I still took a valuable inner lesson home from it which I believe I have integrated into my life.


But last Saturday you provided everything that the others missed and more. Whatever you did to achieve all the elements required to create what did was done with a confidence and aplomb that was very apparent. Allowing me (and no doubt all the others) to relax and surrender knowing that room was filled with benevolence, healing, and light. And that darkness had no chance in that room on that day.

Wow !!! Thankyou so much for allowing and facilitating. I love you for that. I know - I should love everyone unconditionally. But one step at a time. I really do love you for the work you've done and do and the light you bring and no doubt the sacrifices you make also. I can't say it enough. Thank you. Now I know what it means to have the guidance of a first class shaman.D. from London

 Last Saturday I did a indivdidual ayahuasca healing session. It was a very uplifting experience which I will never forget. P. from the Netherlands

I was possessed by a very bad energy and I had enormous problems as well physical as emotional. During a healing session this was taken out of me with the help of the Archangel Michael and I really feel the difference. The darkness has gone and I can start to heal, but I also feel that I need some more sessions with ayahuasca to heal fully.  M. from England

I have been very impressed with the quality of the venue & environment you set up  for your group ceremonies and with your ethics, commitment and experience. In my opinion, this is a good introduction to the work for beginners, once they approach the work with integrity & respect and are mindful to plan the approach to suitably preparing before, being committed to "owning" their experiences during, and having a practical arrangement for getting safely hone after - all the usual psychological recommendations about mind-set and setting etc. - which I think are being brought together very well in your approach. J. from Ireland

After your session with ayahuasca everything is going really amazing. Some very big "shifts" So fascinating and positive. Notably an "expansion". I will share more at some point soon.
Thank you again. E. from Amsterdam

You have given me my life back. For the first time in many years I feel alive. You are in my heart forever. D. from Switzerland

Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience with ayahuasca in a group ceremony last weekend. This very successful event will forever have very deep impact on my life. A. from Poland


I have been in Hannah’s ceremonies and treatments over the past two years regularly. I have had an extremely violent childhood being raised by a sadistic mother. Since this had been going on since I as a baby my traumas were endlessly. I was full with demons, entities and layers and layers of darkness. Fear and anxiety disorder were the biggest traumas I suffered from. Hannah has treated me many times individually and in group sessions. Although I improved a lot, new issues keep coming up from other dark layers of my subconsciousness.
In the ayahuasca ceremonies I was never able to see Divine Light . although many other people told me that they experienced it. According to Hannah I was one of the most difficult cases she had ever treated. After Hannah and Andis (her co-healer) removed my Karmic Body and Closed my Chakras I had the most beautiful ayahuasca experience I ever had. Golden and bright White Light were pouring through my whole system, healing me, giving me life-energy. I saw the most beautiful colors, rainbows and flowers I have ever seen. I cried from Happiness and Joy. I finally experienced Divine Light and the Freedom I was so much longing for. And this is permanent in me now, all the darkness is gone. I cannot express my gratitude towards GOD, the Mother Goddess, Christ and the AE Michael for giving us this healing method. Jenny from the Netherlands

I have had a rough life with a lot of drug abuse. My mother died when I was seven and this left un incredible pain and trauma in me. When I get older I disconnected from the pain with partying and taking all kinds of drugs. When I finally came to Hannah in 2014 I was a total mess and suffering from anxiety disorder. I was afraid for almost everything, I was totally eaten by my fears and the demons connected to it. Because I live in Spain I could not visit her regularly, but after two individual treatments from her I improved a lot. I quit all the drugs and partying, found a job and started a new and healthy life. I became very interested in new life styles working with health food and herbs. My friends and family were amazed to see this transformation. My father is very proud on me now and supports me in every way he can. Although everything went much better I still felt that I needed more healing. When I recently visited Hannah again she just started to work with this new healing method and removed my Karmic Body and Chakra’s. She and Andis treated me and since than my life became wonderful. I feel so much love, light and energy. One of my worst problems was the sensitivity that I had for the stress and anxiety from other people. This is all gone now, I do not feel it anymore and I feel calm and peaceful within myself. Sarah from Spain

I consider myself a psychonaut and I have experienced all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs with the goal to expand my consciousness. What I did not know was that this is dangerous to do it on your own when you do not know how to protect yourself spiritually against attacks of demons. I never did ayahuasca and I read a lot about Hanna’s work and I saw her You Tube interviews. I am from Ireland and I was very eager to do a ceremony with her.
Recently I came to one of her ceremonies and for the first time I drink her medicine of ayahuasca. It is difficult to describe what happened, but hell broke lose. Darkness came all over me and I felt that I was possessed by huge demons and entities. I was in total panic and fear and I started to behave uncontrollable.
Hannah and her assistants took me out of the group ceremony to a separate healing room where I even started to freak out more. Hannah was very calm and focused and she asked me if she could remove my Karmic Body. With the help of her assistants who had to hold me on the floor, she treated me. It was a very though release she said. I was literally covered with huge demons. 15 Minutes after the treatment I came back to myself and I felt very calm and peaceful. Hannah brought me back to the group room where I was laying quiet feeling tremendous relief. She than started to bring in the Divine Energies of The Mother Goddess by singing and dancing herself. I saw the Female Divine Energy flowing through her whole being and I cried like a baby. I cried and cried because this connection with the Divine Light I had been always longing for. Since then my life is changing and I am still in this incredible process of Transformation. I cannot thank her and all the Divine Guidance enough.
Dennis from Ireland